Friday, March 27, 2009

Product review: YSL Touche Blush

Product rating 4/5
So, i bought this blush for about a year now and i can say, i am really satisfied with this product.
I don't use the sponge on top to apply my blush. It is just too much hassle from my perspective. When i apply this blush, i open the packaging (meaning unscrewed the gold part), and then just using regular blush brush to catch any color and apply it on top of my cheeks.
I love the texture of this blush and the little bit of shimmer which gives my cheeks nice glowing finish. However, i rarely use this because the packaging makes me difficult to multi task. I am pretty much busy everyday and if i am not careful enough when using this product, it can spill all over my carpet (what a waste, right?).
Secondly, this product is having a strong fragrance for my taste. I am okay with that since i love good smell that came from the blush, however, for those of you who are nose sensitive, you might consider it when you want to purchase this blush.
Overall, i am loving this blush because it has great finish on my skin and really pretty packaging ^^.

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Didi said...

For some reason I'm just not into YSL products. It has something to do with the packaging I think. I think you may be convinced me to give them a shot though - haha! I'll be checking this out the next time I'm at the mall :)