Monday, March 2, 2009

Fish Oil helps heals and prevent acne

I am always struggling with acne for years. I tried so many products out there in the market that doesn't help me much with the acne healing. Sometimes, it can make it worse. My skin became dry, but the pimple is still there and even worse it start growing a new one. The more acne appear in my face, the more makeup that i need to cover it up. It was not very good solution. Make up can clog pores make it unable to breath.
So, after many2 hours searching the best medicine out there to heal the acne. I read that the fish oil can reduce and heal the inflammation. From that point, i begin my search on how fish oil can heal the pimple, if possible.

I found this website, and as i read it, many people got much success in healing their acne with just fish oil.
Later that day, i rushed to the target to buy fish oil to try. After a week consuming the fish oil religiously, i think i have to tell you guys that i have a very2 good news. I am very happy with my skin right now. Really, it is like a miracle, no new pimples growing on my face. I consume 2400mg of fish oil per day. I have been researching that consuming more than 3000mg per day is not a good idea.

I am really happy right now because i finally found the affordable and easy to use method to heal acne.
You should give fish oil a try. It can helps you to prevent a cardiovascular disease too!.
Please let me know if you have try it and the result. I hope you are enjoying this as much as i do.

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